How to Install a Radiator in Your Car or Truck

We came across the following article from one of our favourite auto repair blogs on the internet.  This article goes into an indepth explanation of radiators and when they may be due for replacing.  We hope you enjoy reading the article.

Time For a New Radiator?

Every radiator has a lifespan. Some will outlast the engine or even an entire car, others seem to bite the dust prematurely. There are a number of things that can cause a radiator to need replacement. Overheating without any other explanation could mean the radiator has become clogged inside and is not longer circulating well. More obvious reasons include major leaks or cracks in the existing radiator.

radiator repair

Either way, when it’s time to replace it, you know. The good news is you can save some serious money by doing it yourself, and it’s not even a tough job on most vehicles!

This step-by-step will illustrate a basic radiator replacement. The vehicle shown is a Chevy SUV, but the process is very similar for many vehicles. For more detailed info on your car or truck, check a proper repair manual.

Radiator Removal Step 1

The first step to removing your radiator is removing the fan shroud assembly that is bolted to it. There will be a number of bolts holding it on from the top, and sometimes the back. Remove these screw and/or bolts. Be careful when you pull on the plastic shroud. If you missed a screw or bolt you don’t want to accidentally break it. In many cases there will be an electric fan attached to the radiator which must also be removed.
It’s up to you to decide whether to remove the fan before or after you pull the radiator. Whichever you do, be very careful to disconnect all of the wiring in the cooling system harness before you start pulling things out of the engine bay. It can get a lot more expensive that way!

You’re now ready to drain the radiator, so go ahead and get all of the coolant out. Be sure to do it safely, and remember that coolant can be toxic to animals so never leave it sitting around.


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