How to Repair a Car Bumper

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Whether someone mistakenly backed into your car in a grocery store parking lot or that concrete pole was just a little closer than anticipated, your car bumper is likely to have taken a bruising or two over the course of regular usage.

The amount of impact absorbed by the bumper will determine whether the bumper is repairable or not. Some bumpers will cave-in while others will crack. Luckily, those two types of bumper bruises are repairable in almost all cases, unless the damage is extreme. If the bumper is subject to lots of cracks or if it is missing a lot of its material, it may be better to replace the bumper itself.

Car Bumper Repair

Your car bumper’s job is to take dings and taps that cause minor scratches and scuffs and keep that impact from becoming a serious repair on your vehicle. However, those little marks on your bumper can be unattractive and reduce the value of your vehicle. Fixing today’s damaged plastic bumpers is relatively simple, and is worth the effort for repairs that would cost less than your insurance deductible. Here’s everything you need to know about bumper repair. If you live near Lincoln, give a Sid Dillon body shops a call so we can give you a quote for car bumper repair costs, or any other car service.

Car Bumper Repair Costs

You’re probably wondering about car bumper repair costs. There is no simple answer. It depends on these things:

The Extent of the Damage

When it comes to determining car bumper repair costs, the extent of the damage is a significant issue to Omaha drivers. In some cases, it’s more than a scratch or scuff. The bumper itself can become cracked. Where the damage is located on your vehicle also affects repair pricing, and front-end bumper repair usually costs more if there is air intake damage as well as cosmetic damage.

Labor Involved

To get a general idea of your labor costs, first find out whether the bumper can be salvaged and repaired or if it will need to be replaced entirely. Replacement is generally costlier than basic repairs to the existing bumper. Also, if the bumper must be removed for replacement or repair, it will probably cost more.


Labor and materials are the two main costs when it comes to car bumper repair. Fixing car bumpers may require hours of labor. A fresh coat of paint can make your vehicle look new again and may help maintain its market value. It may also protect the body of the vehicle from the elements. Try to factor in the amount of time it will take to paint the bumper as well as the cost of paint needed to complete the job.

Related Repairs

Often overlooked when having a bumper repaired around Fremont is other related auto body damage to your vehicle that may have occurred but isn’t obvious. From the air intake system to headlights, most bumper damage doesn’t occur in isolation. The service technicians at Sid Dillon will do a comprehensive inspection to find any other related damage and give you a quote for repair.

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